NEMESIS ASAP (Advanced Small Arms Projectile)

NEMESIS Patented Pending Advanced Small Arms Ammunition represents the most innovative technology in the industry to date.


NEMESIS utilizes the gun gas generated when using a firearm to improve ammunition performance. Compared with traditional ammunition, NEMESIS provides outstanding performance because of its internal and external ballistic improved design. Emergent cartridge case technologies includes the rise of the ‘general-purpose’ caliber, and other nascent technologies will affect the way in which firearms are designed, produced, managed in service, tactically employed, maintained, and sustained. Many of these emergent ammunition technologies are focused on reducing the logistics burden on armed forces and security agencies, and on reducing the carrying load of the individual combatant.

In the last 150 years there are not been relevant progress on the basic design of small arms bullets other than slight changes in the geometry of the ogive of the bullets, type and composition of the propellant to extend the range and lethality of the ammunition. All present efforts from the ammunition industry are focused into either the development of a new caliber, redesigning existing calibers and/or enhancing the weight reduction/cost of the casing.

Currently, almost 70% of the gun gas generated at the moment of ignition of the propellant is wasted. Nemesis projectiles enables part of these wasted gas to be “harvested” and used it to increase its gyroscopic stability, range and lethality.

Nemesis Advantages

  • Reduce Drag
  • Improve Gyroscopic Stability and Ballistics + 30%
  • Extend Maximum Effective Range + 30%
  • Increase Terminal Ballistic & Lethality + 30%
  • Extreme Precision
  • Outstanding Armor Defeat Capabilities

Available Nemesis Calibers – 5.56mm to 0.50 BMG.

Nemesis ASAP is Caliber Agnostic and will be available in all calibers,

Law Enforcement
Competitive Shooting
Personal Defense
Recreational Shooting

Military – available in all NATO Calibers – 5.56mm (0.223″), 7.62mm (.308″), 12.7mm (0.50 BMG)

NEMESIS ASAP Performance
Unfair advantage with effective lethality

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