Sirarms SIR40-24 Sniper Rifle

A modular designed Sniper Rifle System which allows the highest degree of flexibility to the elite sniper operator. The lightweight aluminum foldable stock offers every possible adjustment to fit the sniper comfort and biometric needs. The modular design allows the free-float and stock to be adapted to the widest range of sniper caliber from 7.62x51mm to .50BMG.


Caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum, .338 Norma Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, 7.62×51mm NATO (7.62mm NATO)/.308 Win.
Weight: 13 lbs. with 22” fluted barrel and loaded 5-rd magazine, 17 lbs. with 22” fluted barrel, scope, bipod, loaded 5-rd magazine, and Titan-QD Fast-Attach .338 Rifle Silencer/Sound Suppressor.
Barrel Lengths: All calibers are available in four lengths: 27″, 24″, 22″, and 20″.
Overall Length: 46″ with stock open and extended and 22″ barrel, 36″ with stock folded and 22″ barrel.
Accuracy: 1 MOA vertical dispersion at 1500m (338 LM precision ammunition)
Fire Control: X Mark Pro Adjustable 2.4 – 4.5 lbs. drop-in trigger
Magazine: .338 (5-shot and 10-shot), 300 (7-shot), 7.62mm NATO (10-shot). Teflon-coated.

Stock: Right-folding. Length of Pull (LOP) is user-adjustable from 12.4″ – 14.4″.

The butt stock is adjustable every-which-way and can fold for easy transport. The pistol grip is AR-15 compatible, it can be swapped out to fit the operator preferences. The MILSPEC 1913 free-floating handguard features rails at 3, 6, 9, 10:30 and 12 ‘o clock positions.

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